I am from Southern California and aside from the four years of college I spent in the Napa Valley, I have lived in the San Bernardino area my whole life.

I have a wide array of interests. I enjoy drawing and creating imaginary creatures. I am also interested in writing and am currently working on a fantasy novel. Aside from writing and drawing I have an avid interest in reading with fantasy being my preferred genre, though I also enjoy science fiction. I also enjoy video games and am a great fan of the Legend of Zelda series.

Background information

My interest in the arts began at a young age. I have always been interested in drawing, and have spent countless hours enjoying bringing the images in my mind to life on paper. I never really gave up my love of drawing and over the years I have gradually improved.

Over the years the subject matter of my drawings has changed. When I was younger I drew mostly horses. Eventually I discovered a new subject matter: dragons. My love and fascination of dragons grew as a result of the dragon figurines that my mother collects.

More recently my interest in subject matter has moved into the realm of my imagination. Oftentimes I find myself beginning an image with no idea of how it will turn out, only knowing that the image is helping to direct its forming.

I have found it interesting how this applies to so many aspects of life and design as well. Sometimes I know exactly what I want and how to achieve it, other times I find myself working with the design, allowing it to help direct how it will take shape. I have found when I have the flexibility to let my work help direct its direction the finished piece ends up looking better than if I had tried to force the project to become something it wasn't.

How I Became a Graphic Design Major

My interest in graphic design started in 8th grade when I did a career report on graphic design. Since then I wanted to be a graphic designer. Although, when I was growing up I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted to be, since I was interested in both science and art. Over time I came to realize that although I may be interested in science it is art that my heart has a passion for. At times the journey to become a graphic designer has been a very challenging one. If I were given the chance to turn back time and change my decision to become a graphic designer I would not change my decision.