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Our mission is to provide high quality therapeutic horse riding lessons to the disabled community.


Cornerstone Equestrian Center is a small 501c3 non-profit program that offers disabled young children, youth and adults therapeutic horseback riding lessons. All lessons are taught by NARHA (North American Riding for the Handicapped Association) certified instructors.


Located in American Canyon, near Napa and Vallejo, Ca., Cornerstone was established in 1985 by Tarri Tanaka who was herself disabled. Cornerstone serves a broad range of clients with various disabilities and special needs, from the wheel chair bound client to those with mental, emotional and behavioral disabilities. Those with psychological or physical trauma are also served. Therapeutic horseback riding offers movement similar to walking, which strengthens muscles and improves balance, whether the client is mobile or not. Therapeutic horseback riding creates bonds between rider, horse and instructor, which gives the rider self confidence and self assurance. For the more independent riders, riding helps with self control and focus.


Cornerstone offers lessons from basic therapeutic riding with leaders and sidewalkers to beginning dressage or Western for more independent yet still disabled riders. Traditionally, English style riding lessons have been offered with English saddles and skills, although Western style lessons are available now as well, which includes gymkhana patterns. Lessons are offered several times a week, including Saturdays.