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Welcome to my website. In my years of taking I have learned two lessons about photography on my own.


First is that the eye is romantic and film is not. I once shot a picture of a small clearing that was so wonderful, I was with my girlfriend at the time. When I had my slides developed I went through them looking for this special shot. I looked and looked and finally found a picture of a few trees with some weeds and grass in front of them. Oops that was the shot, so as a teenager I learned this lesson.


My second lesson was to never run out of film, or batteries. Another story from my teen years. I was out on a hike with two other guys and had taken my last photo of some moss on a rock. I had even re-wound the film back into the 35 mm cartridge. We were heading back to camp when we heard a scream from the road into camp that was above the trail we were on. We headed up to the road to find a naked woman, oh for one more photo or at least a double exposure, but no such luck. Anyways we got her to put her clothes back on and we made it back to camp before her so that we could tell our tale. I have never been without film, batteries, or memory since that day. Always save one for the naked lady.