Identity – Imagination Gallery Inc.

Logo – Mind Works

The logo for Mind Works was designed to fit in with the other current logos for the attractions offered by Imagination Gallery Inc. The Mind Works attraction features classic games, puzzles and other brainteasers, and a construction zone. Some of the classic games include giant chess and giant chutes and ladders, which served as inspiration for the first two letters of the "Mind" part of the logo.

Imagination Gallery Inc. Brochure

The brochure for the Imagination Gallery Inc. features two panels devoted to each of the three attractions. I designed the brochure and wrote the copy. I did not design the logos for Wizard's Challenge and Wild Science, as they were pre-existing logos.

Imagination Gallery Inc. Brochure – Outside Imagination Gallery Inc. Brochure – Inside

Identity – Sushi Mambo


The Sushi Mambo logo is composed of two fish circling each other, as well as the restaurant name. The logo has two basic positions: a horizontal arrangement and a stacked arrangement. While the horizontal arrangement is the preferred use of the logo, an alternate was designed for applications with limited space.


Sushi Mambo – Menu page 1 Sushi Mambo – Menu page 2 Sushi Mambo – Menu page 3 Sushi Mambo – Menu page 4 Sushi Mambo – Menu page 5 Sushi Mambo – Menu page 6 Sushi Mambo – Menu page 7 Sushi Mambo – Menu page 8 Sushi Mambo – Menu page 9 Sushi Mambo – Menu page 10 Sushi Mambo – Menu overview


Sushi Mambo – Stationery Sushi Mambo – Business Card Sushi Mambo – Letterhead Sushi Mambo – #10 Envelope